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Let's face reality here, Adam came to the city with no 'inside connections.' The kid had to pay his dues. Actually he still is. Hang in there bud! Here's what he learned working as a Production Assistant.


Conan O'Brien said "Thank you. Is that you who smells like mashed potatoes?"
Ahmad Rashad always says a big "Is this Tea? Great. Thank you." He's one of the best!!!!
George Carlin "You know what, I'll just take a Diet 7up."
Marv Albert smiled, and said "Nice."
PJ Carlesimo said, "Thank you Adam Ant." He's a class act!
Bill Walton said, "Thank you. Peace man."
Al Roker said, "Thanks a million. I love the extra whip cream."
Bonnie Bernstein from CBS Sports said. "Thanks, Brent."
Bob Costas nodded in appreciation.
Florence Henderson said, "Thank you, sweetheart."
Kevin Johnson (former basketball player) said, "Is this mine?"
Katie Holmes said, "Are you from Canada or something?"
Greg Gumbel said, "Thank you, Adam. And thanks for the Oreo Big Stuffs."
Henry Winkler said "Thank you, Adam" and wished me luck. Cool guy.
Colin Quinn "Thanks chief, but I don't drink coffee."
I actually bought this one for myself.
Neil Young just smiled at me. That was cool enough for me.
Steve Martin smiled and said,"Thanks, Adam."
Nell Carter Hugged me and called me darling. R.I.P. Sweet Nell.
Sting said, "Thanks Adam from Manchester."
Bob Holmes, NBC LA "Soy Milk? Thanks Adam, you are the best!"
Will Ferrell Said, "Thank you, Thank you." and tapped my arm.
Ricky Diamond, NBC SPORTS, classy guy, but not a big coffee drinker.
Christopher Walken, "Thank you, my boy, no sugar. Right?"
MC Hammer - "Is this free? Do you mind getting me an other one?"
Doug Z. Goodstein, Howard Stern E! Show producer. "Fine Job! Have you seen the vibrating underpants anywhere?"
Al Trautwig, "You do splendid work my friend."

Ken Ober,
"Thanks, Wadey!"

Pat Cooper "Where did you get this? South America?"
John Gilmartin, NBC Sports "Thanks Adam."
Greg Giraldo
"Thanks Wade you ***!

Jackie Mason
"What do you do here? Are you the Producer?"

Sam Flood, NBC Sports
"Viva le WADE!"

John Elway
"Is this GATORADE?"


Stone Phillips,
"Is this decaf?"


Tom Brokaw took a sip and said, "Yeah, Good."


Stump the Schwab EP,
Tiffany Trigg
"This is a great mocha latte with NO whip cream."


Ted Danson
"Yes, my hair is white and I dye it."


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